Friendship Lights, Peace Love & UnityIt Was All A Dream
People from all walks of life were united by this little glowing light. 

It Had To Be Real
I worked day and night to make the dream come true. Now I am sharing the story with you.  And giving you a chance to be a part of it.

Experience It
Re-live the journey with me in this experience and be inspired by the magic that is created. Read the story of the Amazing Friendship Lights.


WHAT ARE THEY?Friendship Lights
Friendship Lights are fun tiny and bright LED Lights that you wear or carry around as the ultimate good luck charm. They were invented and are hand made in Brooklyn, New York as a unique crafted piece of art.  And are available limited collectable batches in special packaging.

Fun, Good Times and Friendship

FUN: Express yourself with hundreds of color combinations.

FUNCTIONAL: Clips to your cloths for night walks, jogs and bike rides.

FRIENDLY: Show you care, give one to a friend!

Interactive Art Installment
The Friendship Lights Interactive Art Installment
Location Washington Square Park, NYC
Be a part of the next exhibit in 2014.
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