Fun, Good Times and Great Memories

Friendship Lights are fun colorful and bright LED Lights that you wear or carry around as a symbol of Peace, Love & Unity.

They were invented and are hand made in Brooklyn, New York as a unique crafted piece of art. A lasting memento for you and a friend.

Express yourself with hundreds of color combinations.

Friendship Lights, Peace Love & UnityIt Was All A Dream
People from all walks of life were united by this little glowing light.It Had To Be Real
I worked day and night to make the dream come true. Now I am sharing the story with you. And giving you a chance to be a part of it.
Experience It
Re-live the journey with me in this experience and be inspired by the magic that is created. Read the story of the Amazing Friendship Lights.


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PS7_BATCH_New Anti Bully Friendship Lights available for schools and groups

Each pack includes the Anti-Bully Pledge.

Contact for details.

Support The Peace Movement, Order Some.